Monday, November 10, 2014

All In My Feelings

I am having the time of my life at this retreat this weekend.  The photo above is what God blessed me with this morning.  Won't he do it????

Scrap Diva Retreat is the place here I feel closest to God.  In these mountains, I feel like I can reach up and touch the sunrise and it makes me reflective.  This is an open weekend, which means that 8 of these women I am meeting for the first time.  One woman uses a walker and two are deaf.  We are black, white, latino, married, divorced, single, mothers, pet owners, sisters, daughters and  aunts...the whole gamut.  As  we laugh, talk, eat and scrap together, I realize that we all have a lot in common besides being crafty.  We really are Scrappin' Sisters.  And now we're all FaceBook friends.

Funny phrase of the night: "You are not the same candy apple that I bought at the fair 20 years ago!"


  1. Ha ha! Good phrase! JoJo..I'm glad you had an awesome experience! It's not often that we dont! Glad to also see u on your blog tip! Luv ya much!

  2. You make my heart sing Jolane! I feel the same way you do when I see the clouds so close as if we could reach up and touch heaven. I love your perspective how we are ultimately all the same no matter where we come from or what experiences we have had in life. Loved the comment about the candy apple! Gonna use that one :)